Friday, January 14, 2011

Insane and Secretive La Habra Heights Improvement Association

John Pearce - "Batshit Crazy and Violent Old Man"
Perilous Nation
They are called the La Habra Heights Improvement Association, and apparently there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

At a recent meeting, some delusional people attacked a journalist. People are not normally this violent, defensive, and private unless there are some major secrets to uncover.

We are dedicated to making sure that this video goes viral so that they can be exposed. You might find this video shocking, and the level of their delusion is scary. Requiring medication scary. These people are convinced that because they are old rich people with secrets that they can attack people to protect said secrets.

I am sure investigations are coming, but the video speaks for itself. You can hear the insanity coming from the mouths of these people. They really think they have the right to beat someone up and try to destroy a $20,000 camera. The amount of ego in the room is staggering, and the comments are really off the cuff.

Their website is located at

You can contact them via email at

This is truly an injustice and I would suggest that anyone who views this video to contact the local law enforcement, as well as the district attorney’s office for that location. We will be providing this information Monday once we contact them.

Only public outrage can find out what kind of dark secrets these people are hiding that they had to get this defensive and violent. “You are not a member.” I remember some people with funny little symbols on their jackets that said the same thing. I don’t know if these people are liberal, republican, or what, and it doesn’t matter. They are criminals, and they are hiding something.

These people actually attack this man, and then claim in the same breath that they didn’t attack him, they attacked the camera. When they are continuing to attack him. They even dare to say he is attacking them.

At least they admitted that they were purposely damaging his camera in the video. These two men should be in jail.

The incident took place at the association’s annual meeting Thursday. It started when association members took umbrage over Edwards filming the meeting with his video camera.

Sheriff’s deputies were called, looked at film from Edwards’ camera footage and also that from Stephen Blagden, who also filmed the incident. They declined to make any arrests, leading to the three citizens’ arrests.

Edwards said he was filming before their annual meeting had started and was attacked.

Pearce, who didn’t return phone calls Tuesday from this newspaper, told deputies that Edwards had turned the camera on him and was within inches of his face.

“He felt as if his personal space had been invaded,” Allen stated. “Pearce admitted he pushed the camera away from himself and toward the ground.”

Pam McVicar, association president, said there was confusion on whether Edwards, not a member of the association, had a right to be there. But now she believes he had a right to be there.
They believed their privacy was being invaded. Bullshit. These people are hiding something. What is it? The clear cut attack isn’t what should be investigated. What these people are SO defensive about should be. They are scared of something coming to light. What are they spending the money on?

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