Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LHHIA Approved "Rat King"

Larry Black Surfaces to play the "Rat King"

Supporting Cast of Rats in Order of Appearance -

  • Leone Baroldi
  • Faith Grimm
  • Monica Gunns
  • Joyce Jensen
  • Kathleen LeClair
  • Tom LeClair
  • David Little
  • Kaleigh Schiro
  • Karen Vipperman
  • Howard Vipperman
  • Carl Westerhoff
  • Mary Westerhoff
  • Karen Baroldi
  • Layne Baroldi
  • Carolyn DiMario
  • Dominick DiMario
  • Gene Mecherikoff
  • Rita Mecherikoff
  • James Chen

Will the Nutcracker destroy this Rat King?


  1. It's offensive to Catholocism and to all Catholics to portray someone as a Catholic priest in this manner.

  2. What’s offensive the association between Catholics and the LHHIA or Larry’s association with the priesthood?