Monday, October 17, 2011

We Don't Need an Outsider We Can't Control

Please don't upset the apple cart by voting for someone new.
This will only open up the Water Board for public view.
It's our mission to maintain a Board where all members think alike,
So we prefer to appoint our Directors, and stay out of sight.
But since we’re forced to have an election,
it doesn’t mean we need any correction.
We'll keep your water flowing,
so we can get more development going,
And then we'll see our pay checks growing!


  1. Those sneaky rats at the IA have been busy crafting their latest con game against voters. Still smarting from being 'outed' on their unscrupulous mailing threatening to send non-believers to collections, the IA now faces a public relations nightmare. More and more of the community turns their nose up at empty promises of Easter eggs for their children and spoiled welcome baskets.

    Faced with the stark reality that their hand picked appointees may lose their power grip on the Water Board, panic has set in. Fear not, the herd always follows the wolf in sheep's clothing.

    The Team:

    Slick suited, trash talking, Mark could "seriously" use anger management therapy after his ranting and raving at the last City Council meeting. Don't let Perumean's smooth salesman style fool you. We're grooming him to be an IA Director.

    Travelin' Bob, who keeps his suitcase packed and an eye on the travel budget, is always ready to spend like it's not his money. Oh, that's's ours. And while his travel expenses could have purchased additional fire hydrants for his community, he reminds us it really isn't that much out of the budget.

    Appointee "Pay-me-Pam" defends her pay as a board member as some kind of affirmation that she is "someone", something her GPA long failed to satisfy. Pay-me-Pam says she deserves to be paid so others can take her seriously. Seriously?? La Habra Heights City Council, are you listening? "Pay-me-Pam" enjoys fine dining as long as she doesn't have to pick up the tab. Thank you water customers!

    Like Prez Brad said, if you don't vote for the team your water rates will go UP!

  2. I definitely agree and if you wouldn't mind sharing my shame less plug to florist la habra. Keep up the good work.