Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas, 
from the Grinchs who tried to steal yours.I just act like one
 IA City Council Candidates Michael "Pay Me" Higgins & Kyle "I Like Taxes" Miller with Mother Rat
 Oh, you think you're so smart voting down the Roads Tax.
After we take control of the council next March, we'll be coming after your wallet. It's pay back time!
"The faces may change but the goal to control remains the same"

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  1. This is a false characterization of me and my views. I strongly encourage who ever is viewing this defamatory post to please seek me out in the community to get my views regarding city issues. This person obviously has an agenda and if they had the courage of their convictions they would reveal their identity so they could be fairly rebutted. Please note the picture located in the top left. That is a rat depiction of a long time city resident who was buried only a few weeks ago. Disgusting. I ask you, one resident to another, can you support a candidate would display this behavior or surround himself with someone that would do this? Let's come together and get to work.
    Kyle Miller