Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LHHIA Approved Councilman Becomes Grandstanding Fool

Name Tag Shines at Epic Burglary Press Conference

Councilman Kyle Miller seen at late afternoon press conference to state everyone should have a shiny name tag

LA HABRA HEIGHTS, Calif. — Authorities have recovered a huge haul of high-end swag that thieves snagged during a party at an empty mansion — including armor, shields and a stuffed snow leopard worth $250,000.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says 15 teenagers were arrested Wednesday in connection with last month’s party in La Habra Heights.
Officials with shiny badges and name tags say it was planned on social media and held without the homeowner’s knowledge.
According to investigators, also with shiny badges, party goers without badges entered through a window that was pried open, then trashed the place and stole several pricey items including designer suits and jewelry but no badges.
The combined theft and damages totaled more than $1-million.
Sheriff’s Lt. Arthur Scott (so says the name tag) tells the Los Angeles Times that the suspected leopard thief had no idea how valuable the mounted cat was and only grabbed it “because all the good stuff was gone.” City Councilman Kyle Miller added that his shiny name tag makes him feel special.

Mr. Miller, what happened to the Stuffed Snow Leopard?

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