Friday, December 13, 2013

$250,000 Stuffed Snow Leopard Headed for City Hall

Dead Leopard Could Do Better Job of Keeping "Undesirables" Out of City...Hall!
Excerpt from 12/13/13 New York Sun Sentinel article:...Lt. Arthur Scott refused to reveal the exact address of the home as Ray Fernandez will be having an Open House this weekend there anyway. Located 25 miles east of Los Angeles, La Habra Heights is a formerly rural neighborhood with winding, unrepaired roads and hillside estates rushed through the planning process for those deemed to be "acceptable" residents. The city’s median household income is $128,000, according to census data. However, this is being sucked away by lowered property values, higher taxes and corrupt city policies.

City officials chose to make no mention of the fact that Sheriff's patrols, reduced to 12.5 hours may have contributed to the teens access to the property. However, Councilman Kyle Miller appeared at a photo opportunity during the Sheriff's press conference. He contributed absolutely nothing and apparently had a name tag printed specifically for the event.

Miller was seen hauling away the stuffed snow leopard at the end of the press conference stating it will be placed at the door of the remodeled City Hall to keep "undesirable" residents from entering. It's value, listed at $250,000, would almost cover legal costs voted on illegally at Thursday's council meeting.

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